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Prodigy (The)

Their Law (Singles 1990-2005)

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Release Date: 17/10/2005

Discs: 1

The Prodigy was the highest profile electronic dance act of the 1990s, balancing the heavy breakbeat sound of hardcore rave music with a flashy image and memorable hooks. Although they crafted excellent studio albums, the Prodigy were primarily a singles act, racking up a long string of charting hits, a feat unparalleled by any electronica act. THEIR LAW: THE SINGLES 1990-2005 collects those sides and acts as a definitive overview of the outfit's merits.
The 2-disc set kicks off with the smash hit "Firestarter" (which will conjure images of frontman Keith Flint's spike-haired, leering head for anyone who has seen the video), and continues with several cuts from 1997's THE FAT OF THE LAND. Selections from the group's excellent 1992 full-length debut, EXPERIENCE, and 1996's MUSIC FOR THE JILTED GENERATION, arguably the group's masterpiece, will please long-time fans. Thanks to group mastermind and producer Liam Howlett, the Prodigy's mix of drum 'n' bass assault, frantic sampling, and infectious chants was among the most distinctive and vital on the scene, and this set--beautifully packaged with a full-color booklet--represents their best.

Disc 1
1. Firestarter
2. Their Law
3. Breathe
4. Out of Space
5. Smack My Bitch Up
6. Poison
7. Girls
8. Voodoo People
9. Charly
10. No Good
11. Spitfire
12. Jericho
13. Everybody in the Place
14. One Love
15. Hot Ride